Writing my story will liberate me.

Hola, I’m Angelica. I have to tell the stories that are in my heart. I have kept them in a deep place, afraid to let them out. I hope that through storytelling, I will finally free myself. I would like for you to come on this healing journey with me. It is through storytelling and community that we can all heal together.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Con todo el corazon,



The devil choked me Wrapped my own blanket around my neck  Tried to suffocate me with my own pillow Tried to drag me into hell I fought so hard I have never fought so hard for myself I have been preparing for this day And […]

Las Curanderas

My Majulia was a curanderaShe passed away when I was youngAnd when I came back home years agoI met señoras that lived in The VistaAnd they spoke of her as if she was a goddessShe was a healerA miracle workerShe gave hope to the the […]


I miss the palm of my hand touching another I miss their hand on my upper back I miss my body learning someone else’s movement Our legs flirt with each other Our souls wonder if we understand each other We speak the same language When […]

Love Is At My Fingertips

Real love is at my fingertips There’s not enough of it for me to grasp But it’s playing with me Like a child puts a toy in front of you and then snatches it away when you’re ready to receive it It’s a funny thing […]


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