Writing my story will liberate me.

Hola, I’m Angelica. I have to tell the stories that are in my heart. I have kept them in a deep place, afraid to let them out. I hope that through storytelling, I will finally free myself. I would like for you to come on this healing journey with me. It is through storytelling and community that we can all heal together.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Con todo el corazon,



Resting leaves Dying leaves   Mother Nature does not rest It is all a part of her plan Rest in beauty Rest in browns Rest in greys Leaves covered in dirt The dirt is this Earth’s gold and silver The Earth hugs the dying leaves Withered and beautiful Ready to disappear Waiting for something new […]

Jail Bars

Jail barsCages for humans who committed crimesMade mistakesBut no one is born meanNo one is born a murdererIt’s a punish them type of societyBut never a punish the systems that created these circumstancesBlack and brown bodies behind barsCome with dark pastsDark storiesStories that wrote themselves with black and brown children as main charactersVictims of cycles […]

Dark World

The nation woke up but the nightmares won’t disappear  The darkness covers our light And when we wake up, we still see darkness even after the sun comes up We cry ourselves to sleep And we cry ourselves awake The moments in between seem like worlds away and time goes slow and then it speeds […]


I broke myself in pieces this year and I am proud of it It’s the first time that I didn’t let anyone decide whether I am a piece of art worth keeping  I am not perfect but I could see what they all saw It turns out that a sculpture cannot stand if fear is […]


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