• Sickness

    The word of the year was gaslighting Are we that messed up to each other? There is sickness everywhere Not enough accountability and resources The way we live this life isn’t normal I can’t tell you what it’s like in other countries In the states none of this makes sense Angelica

  • I Don’t Know

    I don’t know what my future will look likeThese days, who says they knowIt’s all very unclear for me nowI only know what will happen in a few months from now, but just for a few monthsI haven’t planned my next stepsI don’t have a plan bIm too tired Angelica Flores

  • Don’t Believe This Poem

    I wrote a poem that I don’t agree with it. It’s my insecurities talking so read it but don’t believe it please. Hide your insecuritiesKeep your emotions inWho cares if you blow up in the futureYou’re not there yet Angelica

  • Are You Ignoring Your OWn Chaos?

    It’s easy to hyperfocus on other people’s problemsGoing into detail when others need to make their own choicesAre you ignoring your own chaos?I thought you wanted things to changeBeing constantly busy and never stopping to take a breathYou know, it will all catch up to youEventuallyEspecially at nightAddress as much as you canBefore your mistakes […]

  • Better

    I can’t keep looking towards the person I want to beMy focus needs to be on the person I am todayI tend to highlight the parts I don’t like about me and ignore the restAs I step back and look at what I’ve experienced, I can’t help but be proudI may not have been who […]

  • Believe

    Take a deep breath right now Say a prayer God knows what you need Believe Angelica

  • My Goal for Today

    My back is against my wall My pillow hugs my lower back The raindrops land soft on my roof If I was a musician, I would write music to their beat I hope the neighbors brought in their cat They call him meatball My only goal today is to do nothing Except write this poem […]

  • I See Them Looking

    I see them looking I see them keeping tabs Can’t figure out what I’m doing I’ve been moving in silence In peace I can see them looking though Can’t worry too much about what they think I just know that I’ve become who I’ve needed There’s no reason to go back to the way things […]

  • You

    They’ll tell you to humble yourself when you tell the truth about who you are You’re powerful You’re successful in the way you define success There’s nothing wrong with that There’s nothing wrong with being happy for yourself Congratulate yourself Only you know what you went through Only you know how hard you worked There’s […]