I have so much to share with you! I have stories that I have stored in my body and I am ready to let them go

In this blog, you’ll find my poetry, diary entries, and short stories. I write about mental health, my experience addressing generational trauma, love, resiliency, joy, my travels, and so much more. I invite you to look around. These pages are my home and you are welcomed anytime! My hope is that you’ll be inspired to write your story too.

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Con mucho cariño,

Angelica Flores

Take Me As I Am

A few drops of tomato sauce dried up on my ankle   I didn’t even notice Everything is falling from my hands I’ve had to clean my kitchen too many times today  When I’m…

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Good Spot

My bones crackThe grey hairs are coming outMy God I’m in a place I never thought I’d beAnd I’m excited because I feel like I’m truly livingIt hasn’t been easyBut I’m in a good…

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It Takes Time

The silence is kind of odd for the one who has lived in chaos for too longIt’s nerve-wracking actuallyWhat to do with the space in your head?What to do with your time?Anxiety sets inBut…

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You Belong to the Past

You belong to the pastI won’t contact you because you’ll let the chaos inStill, I’ll think about you sometimesI pray that you find peace Angelica Flores

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