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I have so much to write about. I am finally making space to share the stories that I have been afraid to tell. It has taken years for me to reach this point but hey, better late than never. I also had to heal some more before I could write my story. Enjoy!

I’m On Tik Tok!

Hello internet family! I want to announce that I’m on Tik Tok! Lord, it has been a long time of debating with myself. Do I make a video? Do I not make a video? I’m scared! Have some courage! Ugh, do I really want to put myself out there. Yes! No! Yes! No! Eff it!…

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Monterey, CA

I went for a walk this morning but I had to come back because there is currently a Tsunami warning and visitors were advised to leave the beach. The water was higher than usual and the waves seemed a bit angry but the view was beautiful! Enjoy! Thank you for following my blog. I am…

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I know I said I was going to take a break from posting but not writing and not posting right away doesn’t feel right. I feel like I can’t just let my poems sit there. I feel like I NEED to share them with you. I also realized I’m not good at sitting with my…

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