La Machuy

In 2017, I wrote a poem about my grandma who I call Machuy. It was published in Joaquin Magazine (September 2017), a bilingual magazine (English and Spanish) based in Stockton.

I then asked my sister, Monica to create a visual to go along with my poem. She drew Machuy on a loteria card and called it La Machuy.

I have included the link below so you can view my poem on the online version of Joaquin Magazine. My poem is on page 9.

This was the first time that my poetry had been published and I was so excited! I always wanted my poetry to be published but I didn’t really know what the process was like. I am so glad that I was able to achieve one of my dreams.

Eventually, I would like to publish my own poetry book.

My sister Monica used Adobe Illustrator to make this art piece.
This is the cover of Joaquin Magazine for September 2017
A screenshot of my poem in the magazine

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