Finally! A Photo!

I am thinking about my Tia Angelina, Tia Lupe and Tio Cirilo who live in Mexicali. They are my grandpa’s only living siblings.

When I was younger, my grandpa would take me to Mexicali almost every year. To this day, I am the only of my grandpa’s grandchildren that visits them.

The last couple of years I’ve made it a mission to document their stories. They have lived interesting lives and they think it’s odd that I want to learn more about them.

“Para que quieres saber eso?!” my tia Lupe would yell.

I had to learn that yelling and scolding is the way they communicate (they actually aren’t angry). I repeated why it’s important for me to learn my family’s history and she continued her story.

About three years ago, I was finally able to take a picture of all three of them ( I couldn’t before because they are ALWAYS arguing). I know they’re getting older and it scares me. I do find comfort in knowing that I was able to get to know them and I will continue to do so for as long as we are all alive.

(Left to right) Tio Cirilo, Tia Lupe, Tia Angelina

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