17 Moves Later

I’ve had a storage since 2011, one year after I started college. I couldn’t take everything I owned with me to the dorms but I also couldn’t leave everything at my grandparent’s house, where I grew up. Since 2011, I have accumulated so many items! I have moved a total of 16 times since I was 18 years old! I only realized this because of this blog post lol. As I kept moving from place to place, I stored more things in my storage so that I could make the next move easier.

Well, I would like to inform you that as of June 27 of this year, I am storage free and as of July 4, I have finally looked through everything and decided what I am going to keep. It only took me an entire week to declutter and sort through everything.

You might be wondering why I decided to go through storage right now, in the middle of this pandemic but fortunately and unfortunately, I had to move again. Now that I have more space, I am able to get rid of the physical objects that I gave meaning to. They no longer serve a purpose.

It’s a bitter sweet feeling. I feel like the process of decluttering actually helped me let certain memories go. In future blog posts, I plan to write about some of my personal belongings. They all have a story.

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