I Wonder

I wonder if the sun embraces you 

I wonder if you feel warmth in such a cold place

Do kind words ever reach your ears and do your lips say them back?

Have you found peace even though chaos was your home for most of your life? 

Where do your dreams go? 

Did you hide them somewhere?

Did you leave them at the door when you knew you were going to be caged in?

Do you experience love? 

Do you experience pleasure?

Are words on a letter enough to remind you of your dreams? 

Can you remember what an embrace feels like?

Do your prayers get answered?

Do the souls of our loved ones visit you before they go to heaven? 

My questions are endless and so is the pain that arises when I think of you in such a horrible place

May your soul find peace and may you hold on tight to your dreams no matter how long it takes for you to reach freedom

I am thinking about my cousin and everyone else who is incarcerated. I cannot even imagine what they are going through knowing there is a pandemic, knowing they’re at risk, and knowing that their family members may not make it. Having fam that is incarcerated hurts. The only thing I have to console her are my words and it’s not enough.

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Angelica Flores

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