First Things First

I am a scattered brain. I want to do everything all of the time. I can’t stick to one thing hence the reason that I am not consistent with my blog. I have been sitting with myself these past couple of months, forcefully because of the pandemic and I have asked myself over and over again “What do I want?”

I usually make lists and write down things such as go to grad school, relearn French, read more books…this list goes on and on. Although those are things I still want to do, I know that in order for me to pursue anything on my list, I need to focus on my mental health and the issue that has been clawing at my heart is my eating disorder. Holy shit, I said it in public, in this blog post and now you know!  

Well, there it is. I have been wanting to say it out loud…or actually, write it down and share it. I am nervous but I know that writing about it is going to help me liberate myself. That is my ultimate goal. I want to reach liberation in all forms but first things first, it’s time to face the fact that I have an eating disorder and the first real step is to acknowledge it. This is me acknowledging it.

Thank you for being here with me.


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