Celebrate Yourself

I was having a phone conversation with my friend Ellie ( a writer from the Central Valley that I met on Instagram) and we talked about our future plans and our goals. We knew not to be hard on ourselves when thinking about the particular goals we want to pursue. Let’s face it, our ultimate goal for this year was to survive 2020 and we are almost to the finish line, thank God.

As we talked about forgiveness and the importance of forgiving ourselves for what we didn’t do or haven’t done, we also talked about what we worked on, especially as writers.

In this year I have accomplished the following :

  1. Written a lot more poetry than the years before
  2. Written a curriculum for a non-profit (paid)
  3. Started a weekly group made up of goal-oriented womxn and established true sisterhood
  4. I met more writers that I could related to
  5. I attended workshops from my dream school and learned about their Journalism Master’s program
  6. I sought out therapy and found the one!

The list goes on.

I am not writing this to brag. I am writing this as a way to combat imposter syndrome, something that womxn of color know all too well. Imposter syndrome, I need to kick your ass to the curb.  

For those of you that do not feel good enough and for those of you that have the skills but still do not think you are qualified to pursue your goals, I want to remind you that there are mediocre white men in positions of power and they are not nearly as knowledgeable as you are (cough cough…Trump).

Although I use the above as an example, we don’t need to compare ourselves to anyone to know that we can succeed (whatever success is for you) and we can combat imposter syndrome. It is not easy, but it can be done. We need to remind ourselves that we are capable, that we are enough, and that no one can take away how badass we are.

With that said, I encourage you to make your list of accomplishments this year, even if it was to survive and tomorrow, celebrate yourself and wave goodbye to 2020 because this year was a bitch.


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