I broke myself in pieces this year and I am proud of it

It’s the first time that I didn’t let anyone decide whether I am a piece of art worth keeping 

I am not perfect but I could see what they all saw

It turns out that a sculpture cannot stand if fear is holding it together

So when I broke myself in pieces

I did it knowing that I could find a way to put myself together

And keep the core of who I am intact

I analyzed each piece of me, one by one

My love evolved

My lens grew wider

My heart turned black and burned itself

And the ashes lay there ready to be buried so that I can be reborn 

I will have flaws of course

But I will love in a different way

A way I’ve never known

Look, I don’t know how if I’m going to live 

And I don’t know how my love will evolve

But I’m proud of myself for shredding what I defined love to be

Toxicity cannot be love

Toxicity cannot come from true and honest love

But it can disguise itself and I was fooled

And so now I’m here with my pieces

Leaving no piece unturned

Ready to start sculpting myself again 

Choosing to heal my heart every day because I am worth it

Angelica Flores

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