You have been my mirror

I have lived a life without you

But coming back to you was the biggest gift life could have given me

They say that people are rocks to other people

But for my soul, you have been an angel

Carrying me, allowing me to soar places I have never been

For my creativity, you have been a canvas

For my poetry, you have been the paper that I write on

For my tears, you have been the carpet that they fall on

For my healing journey, you were next to me to hold my hand

And when I was in pain, you were the only one who understood

Our lives were not normal

But we were surrounded with each other’s love

Even if I love you is hard for you to say

That does not make me sad

Because you have given me so much joy

You won’t ever see this poem

And you won’t ever see how much you have done for me

But I am grateful


-Angelica Flores

6 thoughts on “Sister

    1. I am sorry to hear that Rebecca. I am truly sorry. I cannot even imagine what you and your family went through. I also thank you for reading my poem despite waiting because of the memories and feelings it will bring you. May your sister RIP and may she be remembered always.

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