Full Self

I stepped outside today I was my full self A hummingbird flew by To remind me that the beauty of this world never left Even though I haven't forgiven myself for my mistakes My guilt did not stop me from saying all that I needed to say I laughed and drank wine My mask was [...]

Momma Moon

The moon waves at a distance It has been my companion all along Only the moon knows all that has happened And like a mother, she comes out to wish me luck on my next adventure I'll see her again probably tomorrow She may be full tomorrow Or maybe the day after that I am [...]

Pain = My Best Poetry

I don't understand why I need to be in pain to write my best poetry Happiness creates mediocre words and my poetry believes wholeheartedly that I have abandoned it When I am happy, I need to live in silence so that I can hear my soul sing So that I can witness my body dance [...]

Bitter Sweet

Bitter sweet Bitter sweet Who knew I would like the taste of freedom Hope and sadness exists in my body at the right time Excitement wraps itself around me like a blanket While I put out the fire that I created Angelica Flores

No More

I won't step in the garden I worked hard to beautify I will not rip my wing off and give it to those who are afraid of heights I am no longer giving away large chunks of my energy I used to think that I would be able to gain all of it back one [...]

I Am

I’m a scattered brain I’m a lover An overthinker A lover of words including French words I am hopeful once again I think about colonization, oppression, and ways to fight the system often I like fiction but I read biographies and self-help books by womxn of color Men don’t impress me but I love it [...]