I Am

I’m a scattered brain

I’m a lover

An overthinker

A lover of words including French words

I am hopeful once again

I think about colonization, oppression, and ways to fight the system often

I like fiction but I read biographies and self-help books by womxn of color

Men don’t impress me but I love it when I am able to connect with them

I am angry often

I feel love at the same time

My thoughts run a thousand miles an hour while my body moves like a sloth

I am daring to love myself

Stretchmarks decorate my skin

Therapy has saved my life

Therapy has changed my life

I have decided it’s time to change a lot

I still dream

I can’t believe I still dream

I can’t believe that I still have faith

Faith in a God

Faith in the universe

Faith in Mother Nature

Faith in my ancestors

Faith in myself

I have faith and I still dream

I am exactly where I want to be

Angelica Flores

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