Pain = My Best Poetry

I don’t understand why I need to be in pain to write my best poetry

Happiness creates mediocre words and my poetry believes wholeheartedly that I have abandoned it

When I am happy, I need to live in silence so that I can hear my soul sing

So that I can witness my body dance

So that I can hear my thoughts tell me beautiful stories about myself

Many people call it writers block

I call it the moment I have been been waiting for

Having been surrounded by dark clouds for so long has me willing to give up my poetry

That is how much I needed to smile

That is how much I needed to laugh

But if you know how life works

Then you know nothing ever lasts

Some things come in waves, just like my happiness

So when my pain decides to come back home

I will greet all of you with my best words

And i’ll have my arms wide open

To receive the part of myself that I have been afraid of

Angelica Flores

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