My Body Does Not Stop Fidgeting

My body does not stop fidgeting
I let you back in to hear your voice
And now my heart won’t stop racing
And my mind won’t stop asking all of the questions I never asked
It feels like it’s time to hear some answers
But I thought that closure doesn’t necessarily mean interacting with the person who hurt you
I don’t need to talk to you, I know this
But the unhealed parts of myself are begging to be with you
My body does not stop fidgeting
And I don’t know how to stop it

Angelica Flores

2 responses to “My Body Does Not Stop Fidgeting”

  1. Glad you are writing to expel demons. I empathize with the process. Hope you will be gentle and patient with yourself. When we are taught pain is love it takes time to reteach ourselves that love is love. Best wishes.


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