Late Night Thoughts

We all deserve to be our authentic self. It’s hard for me to know what that looks like though. Being raised as a caretaker forced me to put the “self” that is supposed to exist in my body last. It was my least priority and my sense of “self” abandoned me. It left me alone [...]

Weeping Willow

Drawing by Monica Flores The weeping willow across the street Stared at us from the front door neighbors yard I would sit on the porch and watch its leaves flow in the wind as my tears trickled down my cheek It's like if the weeping willow knew my home was filled with sadness And although [...]


Sometimes it feels like I'm playing catch up while my trauma fucks with me and places traps for me along the road. My trauma laughs at me every chance it gets and doesn't seem to see how hurt I am and how difficult things can be for me. I stand in anger and when that [...]


Why?!Why couldn't you stay away?!Every conversation we did not have is manifesting itself in my body and it is painfulLike if someone is tearing every single one of my limbs apartThat someone is you and you're still not doneIt has been over ten years of this tortureI've cried like I've never cried for you beforeI [...]

What A Fool

And once again I'm a foolYou opened the gates to the pastAnd I just walked throughYou shut them right behind meAnd now I'm stuckAnd you get to live in the presentWhile I destroy myself by walking down the same path I walked years ago Angelica Flores

Something Bigger

Silence has been my biggest mentorI hear my thoughts very clearlyI know when my body is sending me messagesAnd my dreams guide me to where I need to goI learned that I may have a giftI must wait patiently to see how it developsIt is a possibility that I will see more clearlyGod is preparing [...]