The Love Letter I Should Have Written

I should have written this to you a long time ago. You and I were not ready at the same time. We know that we are soul mates. We had this discussion many times. Unfortunately, we never discussed what our lives would look like together. I never thought I was going to live without you. I never thought that I would feel empty for that many years. You abandoned me because you wanted to and I sat there, wondering where I went wrong. It felt like you snatched my heart and threw it in a blender. I don’t know what you did with it exactly but the aftermath was devastating. I have not been able to love deeply. I have never been able to see another like I saw you. Well my love, all of that is in the past now. I don’t have you and you don’t have me. I love you and I know that you still love me. It was not my fault that you were okay with lying to yourself. I never lied. I just kept quiet…very quiet. I was afraid that I didn’t deserve us. I was afraid that I didn’t deserve the love that you gave me. We both made mistakes though. I kept quiet and you chose not to be with me. We decided our fate. We are soulmates but unfortunately, we decided our fate.

Angelica Flores

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