Do you know when you accidentally step on glass...You wonder which hurt person caused all of this fussYou never see it happening but there's proof of itThe broken alcohol bottles are sprinkled down the roadLike wild daisies except the alcohol hurtsYou think about the damage a simple bitter taste has causedOn organs, on bodies, on [...]

A Hopeful Night

I met with the moon last night It was unplanned And we were alone It kissed me with the dimness of its light A kiss so tender Like lovers who know they’ll never see each other again It spoke of hope And it told me that even evil needs to rest I look towards home [...]


Sirens Sirens have become background noise The never-ending tune The theme song to my childhood I dance to their shrieks Like blood dances on pavement When hearts have stopped And mouths stopped breathing I wrote this poem when I moved back to my hometown Stockton. I was used to living in a small college town [...]


White and black magic  Black cats  Stillness  The devil is ready to come and play  The angels watch us They are stressed   We don’t dress like ourselves  But we are who we don’t want the world to see   Trick or treat Candy filled teeth  Scary movies  Nightmares and shivers  Nervous laughs  Fake bloody hands  Halloween  [...]

The Veil Was Lifted

The veil was liftedReality struckI was stuck in a dream worldIt was a survival instinctA coping mechanismAnd now I'm ready to tear down the wallsI built to protect myself from harmI have to truly seeThe environment that surrounds meAnd I'll now get to chooseWhat I need to walk away from for goodAnd slowly build the [...]

Hello Again

Hello everyone! It is 9:07 pm where I am and I am exhausted. I have been watching a reality tv show to not think about anything. It's odd because after hours of watching entertaining tv, I feel like I wasted my life. I have these feelings but I continue to watch. It feels like I [...]