Under The French Sun

I had the opportunity to live in Bordeaux, France over eight years ago for five months. I dreamed of going to France all of my life and I had a wonderful time there. I learned to ride the tramway alone and I learned to walk miles and miles to school with large crowds every time the tramway broke down. I ate smelly but delicious cheese and I drank a lot of Bordeaux wine. I had amazing hot chocolate and coffee and I was forced to enjoy life. I travelled to eleven cities including Paris and by the end of the trip, I spoke French fluently. I even thought in French! 

It has been my dream to go back to France. My high school French teacher currently lives there and I can’t wait for day that I am able to visit her and give her a hug. She will be uncomfortable but she will welcome it. She has been like an aunt my entire life. She even housed me for a few weeks when I didn’t have a home. 

I think about her often and it makes me sad to think that I may never see her again. Who knows if this pandemic will be over or when it will be safe to travel.  I am afraid because she is much older. I have the same concern for my aunts in Mexicali. 

May God protect them and may God protect us. 

P.S. I just finished watching Under the Tuscan Sun hence the title.

These are only seven of thousands of pictures that I took on my trip.

I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday and feel free to send me pictures of your trips!

Angelica Flores 

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