My Body Does Not Let Me


I’ve been posting a lot and I hope you’re not too tired of me. I am currently crying. I am not ashamed of it and I don’t ever plan on hiding when I am not feeling well. Some days are good days and some days are not.

I am thinking about my family. I don’t have a good relationship with them and I never fit in but I still hope they are safe. I think about my grandpa every day. He is not in good health and we are not on good terms. There is a lot of hurt and anger and although my family does not realize it, there was also a lot of verbal abuse. I don’t know how to navigate this. I want to talk to him over the phone in case he passes but I am not ready to talk to him. My body does not let me.

I am not looking for a solution or recommendations. I am just making space for myself in this blog and with you. These emotions are raw and I am sharing them with you. It feels liberating to share my feelings and to share my story.

Thank you for sticking by me. I appreciate every single one of you.


2 responses to “My Body Does Not Let Me”

  1. I appreciate your support. I think it’s easy to think that folks will say thing like “forgive and forget” or “you only have one life” and although those are true, it’s a process. When I read your comment last night I said to myself “You know what? Hell yeah, I know my own limits and boundaries and I AM respecting myself.” I didn’t even think about that.


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