It's the end of the work day and my energy is drained. I talk to many people in one day. At the end of my shift, all I want to do is lay in bed and think about nothing, say nothing, and do nothing. When I try to obtain peace, my thoughts start racing. You [...]

Ya Basta

I will not be gaslightedMy words will not be pressured to form into ideas that do not belong to my tongueMy choices do not need evidence to existAnd my emotions refuse to be made littleMy body will take up spaceAnd I will not apologize for any of the changes my body has gone throughI will [...]

Even In Times Of Trauma

Even in times of trauma, the sun comes upSmiles appear although it may seem rareEven in times of trauma, a hurt heart can be hopefulAnd where there is hope there is an understanding that living different is an optionThe trauma just makes you believe that you have no other choiceEven in times of trauma you [...]

She Is Ready

She lays in bed Reflects on the life she has lived  She smells the bouquet of flowers next to her bed  The sun kisses her beautiful skin The shade of a chrysanthemum stone  She has decided to give in to her desires  The physical and the spiritual  She takes the black satin cloth that has [...]

Our Sadness

Our sadness becomes a bridge to our love It isn't ideal but at least we are still connected I cry every day because you cannot give me what I need and I can't give you what you want Still, I'd rather weep with you by my side than be without you Our sadness becomes a [...]


Firme When a person’s values are not the same as yours When you feel the fence around you start to crumble because others don’t know how to stay in their lane Firme When you take up space in a place that does not see you as worthy When the phone calls start pouring in because [...]