Place A Feather In My Home

I came to a place that I did not know. It was my greatest fear but I had only two options. Either I stay and possibly die or move in utter fear and hope that I survive. I knew it wasn’t my time to go from this life. had to do something about my present circumstance. I would not die if I could help it.

So I travelled to this unknown place, petrified. The moment I touched the new soil, I prayed to Source. Source had already proven that I was protected and that I was not alone. I still wanted more proof. In my prayer, I asked if Source could do me a favor and let me know that I made the right choice by placing a unique bird feather in my home. Once the request left my lips, I chuckled out loud and told myself, “Really? This is stupid” and then I shrugged my shoulders and continued talking to source.

“I know it sounds dumb but yes, this is what I want. If I am on the right path, please place a feather in my new home.”

I am here to inform you that today and two months after my request, a feather appeared on my kitchen floor. It was an indigo blue, a light brown, and grey. I stared at it in disbelief.

Thank you Source, I know you are here with me. You have my back and I am right where I need to be.

Thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate every single one of you!


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