Friday Night Thoughts and a Margarita

I always say that I want to write a book one day about my life but I never sit down and actually write it. I think it’s because it hurts too much and I only recently found out that it takes me a long time to process my emotions and I need to dig deep to write my story.

For some incidents that have happened in my life, it took me over ten years to name what I was feeling. For other instances, it took me about six months.

I feel like I have highs and lows but my lows have taken up more space. What if I need a lifetime to heal enough? What if the words come to me when I am nearing death? By that time, it will be too late.

P.S. I had a delicious watermelon margarita

What are you up to tonight?


2 responses to “Friday Night Thoughts and a Margarita”

  1. Hello Angelica, the watermelon margarita sounds yummy. To me from the outside, it seems you’ve been expelling a lot of demons and coming to terms with emotions. Some emotions and events from the past I continue to work on, but it feels like progress. Hope you will feel satisfaction about your journey this year. On a different subject, as you are a poet, I would like to invite you to write a short poem for the Fake Flamenco October poetry challenge. See my blog for details. Thanks.

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