I can't stop thinking about you About us There is no us the way I want there to be an us But there is a you and me discussing God I don't think you understand how special that is to me Because if God is in between you and me Then our friendship will thrive [...]

I Am A Poet

I am a poet I die on the inside while everyone is watching I do not hide behind a smile I cannot hide I place my pain at the beginning of my poems until the end There is never a period Because I will never stop writing And when my body leaves the earth My [...]

Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself Some of the stories you told yourself about who you are, are not true So you've made mistakes And you've paid for them Doesn't make sense to drown in them If you know how to swim You've given more power to your mind than your heart Your heart is hurting And you won't [...]

It’s Up To You

In the midst of chaos and uncertainty Hope survives In the midst of panic and fear Kindness survives In the midst of racism Love survives In the midst of a pandemic Solidarity survives The only way hope, kindness, love, and solidarity will continue to survive Depends on how you behave Angelica Flores

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday y'all! For those of you that recently started reading my poetry and following my blog, welcome! I hope that you decide to stay subscribed and that you enjoy all of the poetry I will be sharing with you! For those of you that have been following me for a while now, please know [...]