One Day

One day
Living won’t feel like a difficult task
You won’t cry every day
One day
You’ll smile once a day
And you’ll look at your surroundings and say
I’m proud at how hard I worked to keep my peace
One day
You’ll savor your food
And you’ll be thankful for Mother Earth and all that she has given you
One day
You will be able to stop the thoughts that don’t serve you
You’ll roll your eyes and say you are not welcomed here
And they’ll disappear
One day
You’ll feel the tears run down your cheek like waterfalls
And instead of stopping them
You’ll say welcome and you’ll let them run until there’s nothing left
And you’ll remind your body that the release is what you needed
And the pain will become more and more manageable
One day
You’ll get there
Keep working on yourself

Angelica Flores

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