Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday y’all!

For those of you that recently started reading my poetry and following my blog, welcome! I hope that you decide to stay subscribed and that you enjoy all of the poetry I will be sharing with you! For those of you that have been following me for a while now, please know that I am grateful!

I am having a great Saturday. I woke up early to go for a walk. I am currently in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I made tamales with a cousin I barely met in May of this year. Her friends were really nice and my aunt was showing all of us how to make the tamales the way my great-grandma made them.

I didn’t know this but New Mexico is known for their chilies and my God, they made the tamales taste even better!

I am now home and I was watching Insecure. Molly is a bad bish and Issa is a hot mess but super relatable! I know this show is not new new but I am finally watching it and it’s so good!

Watching the characters go through major life changes had me thinking about my life and where I am now. This years has been hectic because of the pandemic AND it has also been a year where I made the most life altering decisions (aka move to a different state, clean house in the friendship and toxic family department, take up space…this list goes on and on). I have one more major step to take but I will tell you about it once it’s done!

I am petrified but I am also proud of myself.

Fuck it. I am tired of waking up and wishing my life was different. I can’t control a pandemic but I can control what my life looks like under a pandemic and I deserve to be happy and to have the best of the best (quality life, quality friendships, etc.)

I am going to dream bigger.

I am going to dream much much bigger. It’s time that I give myself a chance.

I hope that you also allow yourself to dream and if you have lost your way, I hope that you are able to find your path soon.

Happy Saturday! I will post this and then I will be taking a tequila shot to celebrate myself and to celebrate all of you!

I would love to learn about your accomplishments this year! If you’re interested in sharing what you have been up to, please comment on this post and when you’re done, take a shot with me.

I appreciate you!


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