I opened myself up so you can see what I am made of  You stood there confused but also amused  You haven't met a person quite like me And I know this because you say it And I believe you because I haven't met anyone like me either But the question isn't how unique I [...]

Too Much

I get anxious when there is silence because I know that my heart will shriek at the tops of its lungs, angry that I never let it speak, desperate to talk to me about everything we are going through. My heart… I named her Too Much. Well Too Much will remind me that I am [...]


I smiledI laughedI was cracking jokesAnd the leeches noticedAnd they calledAnd they wanted to make plansTo suck the energy out of meBut they disguised their intentAnd instead said long time no seeLet's hang outAnd I smiledI laughedAnd I said no Angelica Flores


My inner child is looking for love And my adult logic wants to calm her down As if what this little one wants doesn't exist The child cries out for love Arms stretched But I cannot reach out and hug her I can't give her what I have not found Angelica Flores

In My Dream

I give him a rose in my dream  And when I wake up  I tell him the story  Of how I love him deeply  When I sleep I tell him how we interacted  What I said  How I felt  I tell him how it all went down  In my dream  I tell him everything I [...]

My Voice

My voice isn't mad at meI actually thought it was furious with meI wrote poems about how I lost itAnd I felt guilty every time I admitted itBut my voice isn't mad at meAnd it never left meI didn't knowI thought I kicked it out of my homeWhen I didn't speakI really thought I would [...]

One Day

One dayLiving won't feel like a difficult taskYou won't cry every dayOne dayYou'll smile once a dayAnd you'll look at your surroundings and sayI'm proud at how hard I worked to keep my peaceOne dayYou'll savor your foodAnd you'll be thankful for Mother Earth and all that she has given youOne dayYou will be able [...]