It's as if I could finally get out of this skin I wore that wasn't mine I started peeling away slowly The insecurities went first Then the hurt And after it the guilt I continued to peel away at much more I will not deny that it stung But it's hard to get rid of [...]

Thank You

Good morning and Merry Christmas! I want to thank you for taking part of my healing journey. Poetry is the way I cope with my feelings and it has definitely helped me keep sane this past year. I can't explain how much change I have experienced. I moved from my hometown, I distanced myself from [...]


We all have secrets Watch me throw mine all on the table Go ahead Pick one up and try to use it as a weapon against me I am the only one that has power over it Now sit and watch me make magic out if it Now watch me make a fool out of [...]

Step Away

I didn't even get a chance to show him how much he meant to meI fantasized about himI loved how much we laughedI smiled every time we listened to music togetherI told him what I don't tell othersAnd he said so himself, that he never talks about the deep shit with no one elseAnd we [...]


Resting is different than being stagnantI don't know if my body knows the differenceIt was never allowed to restAnd that became the way I navigated successOne day on a bed was considered lazinessAnd my nervous system would go into a state of frenzyBut not working does not equal lazyDoes not equal good for nothingDoes not [...]


I put you on a pedestalYou gave me the basics but because I've never had it before, I declared you perfectA flaw was never a flaw because it was yoursI turned all of the red flags into red rosesAnd I continued to gift myself bouquets even though you knew you were giving me heartbreakI carried [...]