In A Bar

I went to two bars tonight. The plan was to go to the farmers market only but my friend and I ended up in a bar that was flooded with Christmas decorations. I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie…you know when the girl or the guy come back to their hometown and fall back in love with their high school sweetheart. Anyways, that was the vibe.

I met a stranger and I shared my website with him. I told him that I write poems after having conversations with strangers.

I didn’t want him to read my poetry at the bar though so he should be reading this soon.

He will be browsing this website.

So Evans, if you’re reading this, this is what I came up with:

In a bar
Jazz music is being played live
Except there is no saxophone
Is Jazz really Jazz without a saxophone?
We talk politics
Russia and Ukraine
In a bar
Where Jazz is being played live
No I will not trauma bond with you or anyone
But you ask the most interesting questions
You actually want to know
Who stepped out in faith
And said fuck it let’s play
Because life is too short
And who knows if I’ll ever be in this place
Feeling this way
Ever again

It was nice to meet you, you normal human.

Angelica Flores

One response to “In A Bar”

  1. Cool, you wrote a poem when you were happy, or at least intrigued. : ) Hope you’ll join the Fake Flamenco Poetry Challenge this month, theme is the equinox, solstice, or change of seasons, poems due Sunday. See my post for details. -R

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