RIP Carmen Salinas – Mexican Actress and Icon

I remember you praying to la Virgencita on your knees
You were always worried about someone and I know it was just a novela and you were a character but you were also my grandma and my Tia’s from Mexicali who were always worried about someone, who were always praying for someone because they love so much
Who had so much faith, their souls would not break even when they had a lifetime of chaos
I remember your words and your tears…the tears the womxn in my family would not show in public or at home but they had your tears and I saw your tears
Never my grandma’s or mother’s tears
I hid mine too but I at least had yours
Now you can have mine
It’s a gift for showing me that crying and having faith are necessary to survive
RIP Carmen Salinas 😭🤍🙏🏼

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