Step Away

I didn’t even get a chance to show him how much he meant to me
I fantasized about him
I loved how much we laughed
I smiled every time we listened to music together
I told him what I don’t tell others
And he said so himself, that he never talks about the deep shit with no one else
And we talk about God
I don’t talk about God like this
And I have proof and I showed him that proof
And I used sweet words all of the time
This is the first time that I’m this type
And I couldn’t wait to see him, to hug him, to kiss him for the first time
And then I realized we are not on the same page
And it’s okay to want different things
And it’s okay that I care about him even though he doesn’t care about me back
It’s also okay to step away and cry
He doesn’t feel what I feel
And that’s okay
I just need to step away and I need to do it quickly before my heart breaks

Angelica Flores

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