Happy New Year and See You Soon!

Hello loves!

Happy New Year! I hope the first few couple of days have been treating you well! I have been reflecting a lot this past month. I have cried a lot these past few days. When I tell you last year kicked my ass, I mean it REALLY REALLY did a number on me.

I also experienced the most growth and for the first time, I feel like I am on the other side, and I can see my progress. I can’t believe this. Years of working on myself and mental health and I finally feel like overall I am in a better place emotionally and mentally.

That doesn’t mean I will stop crying. In fact, I welcome the tears. I welcome the emotions. I realized that my emotions are neither good nor bad, they just are. I am allowing myself to feel and allowing myself to exist and I will not pressure myself into being productive.

Aside from crying, I have been thinking about all of you and my blog. I am so proud of myself for writing as much as I did this past year and I have also shared with you really intimate poetry. I met so many great people like you via my blog and social media. I cannot express how grateful I am for all of you.

I have great news! I have written over 30 poems in December. All of this happened because I decided to take some very much needed time alone. I used to get anxious when I was alone for long periods of time but now, I welcome it! I still have anxiety but this time it’s for a different reason and this time it comes and goes which has allowed me to feel at peace on some days.

This makes a huge difference! It’s progress!

Now, I want to get to the juicy part. I am going to take a break from posting both on this blog and on my social media pages. I need to take time for myself. I cannot wait to come back to all of you well rested. I do plan on writing so you’ll have more to read when I come back.

I hope this news doesn’t encourage you to unsubscribe. Please stay with me.

I appreciate you! I don’t think you all understand that with all of you, I feel like I finally have a sense of community that KNOWS me.

Stay tuned and I will see you at the end of February!

Con todo corazon,

Angelica Flores

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