I Dreamt About You Again

I dreamt about you again

I must have fallen in love with you

Denial is strange but here I am years later and I am uncovering the truth

How did I love you knowing you didn’t love me back?

I’m still in shock at what my heart can do

Sometimes it’s a child begging for candy

Addicted to sweetness that never comes

Unable to rationalize that your soul could not care about anyone not even yourself

I should have known how much I would suffer by the way you treated yourself

I won’t continue to describe the pain you inflicted on everyone that cared about you

Apparently all the tears I cried because of you just finished drying

And sadly my body doesn’t know what to feel when it’s not drowning

And now that I’m safe

It seems like it wants familiarity

So you selfishly crawl into my dreams

To remind me how much I loved you

Angelica Flores

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