You Never Know Where Life Will Take You

An eight ounce coffee cup on a black round iron table that looks like a giant waffle
It’s cold and I only have a long sleeve on with no bra
I should have brought a jacket but then I’d be sweaty
Warm but sweaty
The birds chirp as I observe the different cars in the parking lot
I don’t know about cars like others do
I won’t ever admit to this in public but it took me a while to remember the make and model of my Chevy Malibu, when I owned it
Now it’s in a dump somewhere in Stockton
I never thought I’d be in Watsonville
What the hell is in Watsonville?
Oh how life has wrung me like a wet towel
And then flung me like someone in a movie waves a white handkerchief, or was it a flag?
Hell I don’t know about movies like that but I do know life has plans for me that I don’t think I’ve ever made
Like today
I never thought I’d be in Watsonville at a coffee shop writing this poem
I don’t even live here
All I can do is laugh
This is some good coffee by the way

Angelica Flores

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