Men With Ego’s

There’s so much I want to say about the state of the world but my brain is foggy and it feels unreal. I managed to write this poem and I know it’s more complicated than this but these world leaders aren’t shit and it’s bullshit that innocent people are dying.

Wars created by men with ego’s

Can’t tell them shit or they wreak havoc

Can’t see the harm caused

Won’t see, don’t care, it’s death and despair

Can’t crush a narcissist

Or they’ll go insane

But they won’t pull the trigger on the culprit

They’ll send an army to do their bid

While they sit behind a desk

Behind a podium

When the world said I told you so

When it’s time to act

It’s time to hide

Behind dead bodies and burning cities

Behind nationalism when nationalism kills

Don’t believe me? History said so

All it does is repeat itself because motherfuckers

won’t learn

Men won’t learn

Men won’t grow

And here we are

An unjust world

Not knowing what the future will hold

🖤 I stand with Ukraine

Angelica Flores

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