For the Better

Listen, I write poem after poem when I’m stressed and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how African expats are being treated at the Poland border, and other crazy events happening right now is sending me in a spiral.

This is why I’ve posted this much today. I need to let it out and all of you are my safe space. Even though my poems have nothing to do with the state of the world, it does help me bring out feelings I’ve needed to let out.

I just wanted to take some time today to thank every single one of you for following me on my journey as a poet.

Here is another poem. It’s the last one for today, I think.

For the Better

Vixen trapped

It’s a wrap

When evil eyes and jealous lives

Push me out

Of my home

Home no more

The world is mine

And anywhere I go

It’s time to smile

After all of these years

Hiding my pain

The new girl in town

Will need to shed

And a condition is prescribed

And a medicine is explained

I have a therapist in a corner

And myself to thank

I can rely on my brain

I am who I am

I don’t need to fight

I don’t need to flee

I can stay in one place

I can ravish in peace 

Angelica Flores

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