The Man with Big Dreams

I remembered an encounter I had in Puerto Rico many years ago. I don’t think about this person at all (except for today lol) but I do miss that feeling of being interested in someone for their intelligence and then realizing you’re also physically attracted to them.

He wasn’t from the Island. He was actually from another state but we wrote to each other via mail even though we had phones. I can’t remember how long our letter writing lasted for but I do remember how much fun it was to interact in this way.

I haven’t heard from him for years and there’s no actual connection now but it was fun to be young and to meet another person who was eager to take on the world and succeed.

I hope he found success and achieved all of his dreams.

I dedicate this poem to the man with big dreams.

P.S. I should have had sex with him lol

We met in another country
He identified that I was smart and he walked into my conversation
I didn’t mind it because the exchange of words were exciting to me
We were on vacation and here we were, talking about our passion for learning and education
We saw no one else but each other
The music was loud
The dance floor was empty and we were looking into each others eyes in a trance
My God he was beautiful but I didn’t notice right away
I was too busy listening to his ideas and dreams
And he paid attention to mine
After the initial shock of our encounter
We stepped back and observed each other
He was beautiful and I was attracted
He wanted me too and we did nothing about it

Angelica Flores

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