I Choose Me

I choose me
No matter how much I cry for letting go
I choose me
No matter if the future is unknown
I choose me
Even after others have said I’ve changed
Even when I sound mean for stating what I want
Even when my insides are tossing and turning to do something about someone’s hardship even though they refuse to help themselves
I choose me
And I choose the word “no”
No I cannot give what I’ve given for years anymore
No I cannot simply hand over my energy
No I will not keep showing up if you continue to disrespect my time
No I will not neglect my body
No I will not put myself in a situation that causes me stress because of your lack of planning
I choose me
And this time you’ll notice and if it angers you
I dare you to choose yourself and walk away from me
Because I’m going to choose myself from this point on
Over and over and over again

Angelica Flores

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