Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!

I hope all of you are having a good day. I woke up today wanting to write to you. I always have so much to share but I have realized that I hold everything in until I am about to burst and baby, I am about to burst!

I am currently sitting on the couch in my living room. I’m using a chair as my desk. My place is a mess right now but on a good note, the sun is out and that makes me happy. My neighbor has two cats and they are looking at me from the window. One of the cats has a permanent angry face and I think it’s so cute. I’ll take a picture of it one day if it lets me and I’ll share it with you.

This morning, I spoke to my high school French teacher, Madame. I view her as an aunt or a mother figure. We kept up with each other after all these years and she is one of the most amazing human beings on this earth.

Madame has a good relationship with so many of her students. I feel like she has babies all over the world. I haven’t seen her in person in years! She currently lives in France and her favorite city in the world is Paris.

I am so grateful for her. If you have consistent people in your life that love you, I hope you cherish them.

I am thinking about watching The Batman movie in theaters today. I am obsessed with Catowman by the way, and I am excited that Zoë Kravitz is playing her.

You don’t even understand how sexy I think Catwoman is! When I think of Catwoman, I always think about Eartha Kitt and I am also obsessed with Eartha Kitt. If you know about Eartha, then you know that she was no ordinary woman. I wish I would have met her.

Back to Catwoman… I have been dying to do a photoshoot as Catwoman, but I still haven’t dared. My birthday is coming up soon and I have seriously considered throwing a Catwoman themed party. Lol

One day, I promise.

I have been writing a lot of poetry these days. I have written over ten poems a day in the past four days and although that is an achievement, it also means that something is wrong.

I don’t know how you all process emotions but usually, I can’t tell what is going on in my body until I write a poem so if there are a lot of poems, it means that I am going through a lot. This is good for my creativity but not good overall.

My therapist asks me, “what are you feeling in your body?” and to this day, I can’t tell her on the spot. The question pisses me off because I can’t answer it.

I also had two realizations in therapy that are leading me into a spiral. It’s information that I need to know but it hurts to know.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is part of the work. This is part of the healing process. A lot of shit is going to hurt but when I get past this, I will be a better, happier person.

I know this for sure because I am a better, happier person lol My quality of life keeps getting better and better. I just can’t believe I am here.

Welp, I am going to get ready to watch The Batman movie. The movie theater is a thirty-minute walk from my house so it’s not too bad. I will be wearing all black to go with the theme. I should have bought some cat ears to wear or a cat mask. Imagine! Lol

I am a mess today but I know none of you are judging me lol

Thank you for following my blog and I will talk to you soon!

Good night,


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