Another Love Letter

I wanted you to love me when I was ready
But you could not
You dedicated your heartbeats to me in silence and you gifted me your smile every time we were near each other
You offered the kindness of your family but all I thought about was to run
You didn’t know that I didn’t think I deserved to be loved
I didn’t know either and our ignorance hurt our friendship in the long run
I love you
You told me verbally
You told me in a letter
And you told me when your fingers touched mine
I didn’t notice what those words meant
I just felt my body shake
And I ran
I let go of your touch
I let go of the short distance between us and instead I chose silence
I said nothing and disappeared
I didn’t think about how you felt
All I had was my fear
Years later and I think about what could have been
I know I wasn’t ready and fate made sure we were never in the same place
Deep deep down, we knew it wasn’t meant to be or else you would be right here with me

Angelica Flores

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