This is Just the Beginning

Good evening!

I wanted to check in with all of you. I wanted to let you know that today, I did something really brave. I used my voice and finally said something that I have been holding on to for over ten years! I didn’t realize how much of that was consuming me but today, I said what I needed to say.

When my therapist first recommended me to address this particular thing, say this particular thing to someone who severely hurt me, she said that it would be liberating. She offered that I didn’t need to say it to the person directly if I didn’t want to but that writing it down in form of a letter or a diary entry would help.

I decided to go all out and say it to the person. Their response to how they treated me was typical. I knew they wouldn’t take responsibility. Hell, I was even called a liar but it felt so good to tell the truth about what happened to me, about how someone hurt me.

For those of you that have been following me since I first started this blog, I have written many poems and blog posts about my fear of speaking up in numerous occasions because of the violence that I was met with when I did. Those post have been deleted but you’ll see remnants of my fear in my poetry.

I have been working on using my voice again and today, my hard work (I have been intentional about healing) paid off.

I also want to say that what nudged me today to have the courage to speak was reading Isabel Allende, The Soul of a Woman. That, and the fact that I was speaking up for the women in my family that aren’t able to speak up. I understand them. I am them.

This is just the beginning.


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