I Declare Isabel Allende my Godmother

I declare Isabel Allende my Godmother
She doesn’t know this but I was reading her words minutes before I used my voice
You don’t understand
I have been fearful and I was bullied into hiding myself
Her bravery called out to mine and then I said what I needed to say
It was something I’ve held on for well over ten years
How this was possible I do not know
Perhaps my ancestors led me to her book
I had no business reading
I have a life I need to figure out
Next steps to plan
Instead I reached for the book I have been ignoring
And in a couple of pages, I had the strength I needed to open my mouth and carry my voice like proud citizens carry their queen
I now realize how important I am
I now realize how deserving I am
From now on, nothing will ever be the same

Angelica Flores

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