God provides me with the gifts I’ve asked for

I’ve been given more than I could ever imagine

I think about how loved I am and I can’t believe it

I almost didn’t make it, after labor

I stopped breathing

I turned blue and almost left this planet

But Source chose me

I’m so sure that I’m special

I’ve almost died so many times in this life

And yet, I’m still here breathing

Source is everything and Source is a friend, is a feeling, is my most intimate relationship

I can’t explain it

If Source chose me, then who am I to not choose myself?

If God is part of me and I am part of God, then not choosing myself is betrayal to the Creator

You may not agree and that’s okay because it’s not between you and me

My God and I, we have an understanding

And I’ll keep getting spoiled

I can’t believe how blessed I am

I can’t believe how loved I am

Angelica Flores

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