Elder Tree

Elder Tree

If you put your ear to an elder tree, she will share her wisdom with you. Don’t expect to hear all of the lessons she is capable of teaching. You’d have to be reincarnated more than a million times to be able to understand all that she has witnessed. Have you ever hugged an elder tree? There’s an energy that flows from the roots to the trunk and onto you. If you’re feeling out of balance, I urge you to hug her trunk. She is rooted and cannot be moved. She will hold you, so don’t you worry about that. Not even an earthquake or a tsunami can shake her. The sun can’t burn her. The full moon cannot expose anything she does not want to reveal. The birds accompany her but she will not succumb to their fighting or their complaining. An elder tree is peace and she is life. She inspires the living to live a life worth living. Not everyone that is alive is grounded. She taught me that.

Angelica Flores

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