Robb Elementary

Little babies went to school

Loved and cared for

Parents went to work

And teachers entered their classroom with optimism  

The point of school is to help students learn

And grow into amazing human beings

Unfortunately, in Texas that did not occur

And now part of the country mourns

While mothers and fathers are unable to hold their little ones

Sisters and brothers will cry themselves to sleep every day from now on

This government is out of control

One shooting is too much

Mass shooting occur in triple digits each year in America

While other countries gossip about us

Baffled at how a nation that supposedly leads

Is one of the worst in the world when it comes to violence

One of the scariest places to live

One in which money is valued over lives

One in which guns are valued over children

Guns over children

Guns over children

Little bodies lay on the floor covered in blood




But guns are not to blame they say!

Except the story always unfolds and then suddenly, we have amnesia

And each time it’s the same

Media outlets report for a few days

And the rest of the year, nothing

No legislative change

How many years of this must we take?

Angelica Flores

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