I Won’t Plan For The Worst

This poem is dedicated to the younger me who was used to being in chaos. Life is hard and sometimes tragedies happen, but I will not sit here in terror, waiting for the next shoe to drop. No. Life is also about experiencing joy. Even when it feels like the world is on fire, we need to rest. We need to smile and laugh. I don’t want to live this life without living moments of happiness.

I won’t plan for the worst
I will plan for the best
I plan to smile more
And I plan to rest
Smell the sweet roses
Admire the bees
Hug the sunrays and bow down to the rain
I wouldn’t have grown
I wouldn’t have survived
Without Mother Earth
My sweet loving mother
And that is why I won’t plan for the worst anymore
I’ve experienced the best and there’s no reason for that to stop
I won’t allow it

Angelica Flores

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