This is Not Normal

I’m taking a quick work break and I wrote this poem. Today feels heavy. I can’t take the images of the children who were murdered at Robb Elementary School out of my head. The pictures that are circulating are pictures of them smiling. They had a whole life ahead of them. They were innocent babies. I cannot even imagine what it was like for them in their last moments. I can’t stop thinking about them. My heart aches for their families.

Devastation in our nation
Yet we are expected to work as if nothing is happening
Therapists are making bank
And those who are barely making it financially are barely making it in everything else
The energy is heavy
It all feels like a dream
This is not normal but we have normalized pain
We have normalized violence
And the violence is here to stay if politicians don’t act
Something they’re not known for
All they do is talk
And other countries view us and are in utter shock
This is not normal

Angelica Flores

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