Spiritual Gifts

I can’t sleep. I had an inspirational conversation with my sister. We also prayed together. It was meditative and we called on our grandpa, Pops, and on our ancestors. It was an amazing experience.

We are spiritual people. My family members have gifts, but they have normalized their gifts so much so, that they don’t talk about it, or see it as anything special.

I have healers in my family. Women who have had visions. A lot of the elders in my family have so much faith in a higher power that they have been a part of or have witnessed miracles. People in the community go to them for guidance and ask them to heal their bodies.

I grew up having people come in and out of my house, my grandmother’s hands massaging bodies of people I knew and people I only met once.

When I moved back to Stockton, a few people stopped me after finding out that I was Ma Julia’s great-granddaughter. They told me stories of how she healed them.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time, because like I said, it was normal for me to watch them heal others.

Then when I moved to New Mexico, I bonded with my grandma’s sister, and she told me in detail about each women’s healing power.

The way she told the stories was in a matter-of-fact kind of way. It wasn’t shocking to her how powerful the women in my family are.

I was just thinking about my gifts. There is a lot going on with me on a spiritual level that makes me believe some of those gifts were passed down to me. I don’t know how to explain it and I don’t know how to tap into these gifts.

I just know there is something going on with me and the spiritual realm and with patience, prayer, meditation, and connecting to my ancestors, I will learn all that I need to know.

Angelica Flores

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