Madame was my high school French teacher. She never let me photograph her. I only have a photo of her hands. I sneaked this picture of her having coffee. We were in her hometown Saintes, France.

Madame doesn’t subscribe to my blog but she has access to my website so Madame, if you’re reading this, know that I am grateful for you. You were the caring and safe adult that I needed when I was younger. You showed me the world and you taught me to dream bigger. So much of what I’ve done in my life, I’ve accomplished with your guidance. Merci beaucoup.

Madame gives tough love

But it’s not actually tough

It’s just that she is French and straight forward

She doesn’t waste her words

Each sentence she speaks is a life lesson

She is a mother figure

My mentor

My adoptive aunt

Madame’s love comes from the heart

Angelica Flores

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