Marilyn Monroe – If Only

Marilyn Monroe
She was sweet
The one and only
She was wanted
Many wanted to be her
Men wanted to sleep with her
She rose to fame
And the men she dated and married
Only pushed the rising star down, down, into a dark hole
She was a star unlike any other
She had charm
She had style
She had talent
She was sweet
She was wanted
Many wanted to be her
Men wanted to sleep with her
And yet, she was always looking to be loved
When she was younger, she didn’t have it
Poor Marilyn never knew what love felt like
The world looked at her and thought she had everything a girl should want
But deep down she felt empty
If only she could have given herself the love that she needed
It’s a possibility that she may have still been alive

Angelica Flores

2 responses to “Marilyn Monroe – If Only”

    • Yes! Especially to “everyone took a piece of her and left her.” It’s so sad. I remember growing up and seeing photos of her smiling. She was such a superstar and one of a kind. I had no idea that her childhood was traumatizing. It makes sense why she would go from person to person looking to be loved. She had a therapist later on in life but I think her demons were just too much and then being surrounded by toxic men that used her and being in the Hollywood industry made it worse for her. Her life would have played out differently had she been surrounded by genuine loving, caring, and healthy people.

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