Today I Declare…

Today I declare that self-care is the goal

Is also the challenge but mostly it’s the goal

It’s the dare

I am resting but I know there are things I still want to do

So, I am laying down because I am injured, and I am resting because I need to

But I’m also plotting

And I am sleeping and when I am awake

I am dreaming at how different this could all be

A lot needs to change, and it is changing

But it’s time to make tougher decisions

And not so tough ones

I am investing in myself

And there is so much more to invest in

A lot is uncertain but what I do know is that things need to change

I need to make that happen or else

I don’t want to think about what may happen

Watch, you’ll see

Change is inevitable but I can control how fast it happens

I just need to start making tough decisions

Angelica Flores

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