At War With Herself

She’s not sure when the war started
She didn’t even know there were multiple sides of herself fighting
There were no warnings
No declarations
One day she just woke up and everything had crumbled
She didn’t even notice what weapons were used
She just knew she was devastated and she didn’t know how to get rid of the pain
Everything inside of her needed attention
Have you ever tried to tell a person living in chaos to sit still?
It’s not going to happen
She could not sit and feel everything she was feeling in her body
She only focused on fixing things that were broken
But it was too late
The best course of action is to shift and figure out what can be made from the rubble
The best course of action is to create something new
Unfortunately she can’t see that right now because she won’t sit still
She will continue to be at war with herself
Until she sits still and figures out how this all happened

Angelica Flores

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